Kanye sued for 250 mil for telling the truth

Baby mama Floyd isn't happy that Ye said that St. Floyd died from drug problems and not muh knee even though documents from his death said he had stuff in his system before his passing.

Doesn't matter after Alex Jones got sued for millions for saying something against the narrative Kanye is getting sued by Baby mama 

Yep suing people for telling the truth is pretty much de facto legal now. 1st amendment is nowhere to be seen at all.

High chance she is only doing this because Kanye already paid her daughters college after his passing and just wants to get more free money from him. And with what happened to Dereck chauvin he is going to lose to a rigged court that will be intimidated by BLM into a guilty verdict.

But whatever happens you will this happen to everyone one by one until they are financially crippled into silence to never be able to voice their opinons again.


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