Ben fell off plus ratio

 Ben Shapiro tried his darndest to not disavow Kanye because he's going J-WOKE because if he supports then his Jewish masters will punish him for not doing so.

When the J-WOKE started Ben just stayed silent on the whole thing, pretending the event wasn't happening. on October 9th he made a video on the Tucker interview. Where he spent the time talking about the Kanye mental health narrative as well as the other things than the main topic in the interview.

We all know he wanted to spent the time hating on him for exposing Kushner and the Jewish cabal. But since half of Con inc is now pro Kanye due to the grift potential he can't do that.

Then he stayed silent again for 3 more days until he dropped this tweet after pulling this... whatever it is maybe its a new grift idk

Yeah Jews gonna Jew as they see more people leaving the ZOG plantation and becoming J-WOKE.


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