new hugbox space just dropped

 Poast was some hugbox space that was made for former Kiwifarms users and Ralph haters to have their own space free from their opposition.  Well now all of Ralphs haters have just left it for a new hugbox that is essentially the same website.

Chudbuds is the just the same website as poast except with a different name. I mean their sign up screens are the exact same

Its also made by the same person who launched poast. 

I do not endorse raiding this site since he probably has the isp logger on chud buds like he had with poast. So if you join it to try to troll he's gonna have your isp on file. Also you're gonna get banned once they see you're making fun of Metokur, Jaden, etc.

These guys are losers and are doing the net a favor by hiding behind these hugboxes so we don't have to see their L's on our feed.


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