Weimar Germany moment

 Germany at the moment is the same as the Weimar Republic. A despotic shithole full of degeneracy and corporatism. With the difference is that there are no reactionaries because they either are in prison for mean tweets or gave up on the fatherland and moved to either Poland, Hungary, and Czechia because there is a future there while Germany doesn't.

This is one of the many effects of the moral decay of Germany.


Sad part is that this film would probably be successful in Germany and western Europe due to this shit being encouraged by the media and a large amount of Europeans. Any negative reviewers would be given a visit from the hate speech police because how dare they say this film is cringe.

Germany is on a permanent downward spiral and there is no signs that the Dissident right is taking place with the AFD collapsing and most of them hiding in fear of arrest. 

Its better to leave it than continue to risk your life trying to fix something that caused itself to be broken.


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