Ben's strange free speech priority

We all know all the free speech advocates are calling for the chief twit to unban all the safe populists never once calling to unban actual dissidents. Ben Shapiro is calling for musk to..... Unban Jordan Peterson? 

For one Jordan isn't banned from Twitter he just stopped posting since June of this year. He had one Tweet removed by the staff and just went dark ever since.

 And 2nd he's not a target for any form of cancellation. No the times he is cancelled don't count since he still has access to social media. And his career and any project isn't going to be cancelled.

Ben only pushes for Jordan since everyone else is a target to Ben, even people like Alex Jones or Ali are not in good terms with him and his posse of 2000s Democrats posing as Conservatives. And also because they have on by the either the ADL or other pro Jewish groups that control our congress and institutions.

Ben is ngmi once Nick and all the people he help get cancelled in the last few years return to Twitter and just troll him on every post.


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