Bolsonaro loses by a tiny margin

I already knew he only win by like 1 percent of the vote since both candidates are highly controversial among Brazilians'. And my assumption was correct when he lost to Criminal Lula by 1 point.

Don't get me wrong I know that Lula would rig the results to narrowly win the election. I mean Brazil is a country where crime and corruption is rampant like with the rest of Latin America.

What I don't like is that the stop the steal people are beginning to dogpile and are calling for the same failing tactics that didn't get us anywhere to stop the stolen election. Brazil is a corrupt country to begin with no amount of auditing or stop the steal rallies aren't gonna magically stop this. Since the corrupt officials will just rig the auditing results and nothing will happen to them. The only way for Bolsonaro to stop this is to seize power and install himself as a dictator. 

There is a slim chance that he would do that but if he doesn't then Brazil is up for the birds.

Also his loss isn't dooming. I mean this guy won in 2018 which was a awful year for conservatives out of all the failures he was the only win in that year.


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