PPP calls it quits

 Landwhale PPP a man who is only known for dickriding Andy Warski has stated that he is leaving Kino Casino.

The funny part is that in his resignation video he starts off complaining about Ralph making fun of Warski even though this nigga built a career off of slandering Ralph. then spending the rest talking about how bad Warski was.

Some are saying that this is bait but with how much of a dysfunctional mess like Warski is it might be real. And also Kino Casino is a dead show and both are hated by pretty much everyone outside of the metokur crowd because all they do is complain about Ralph and AF.

This dude could had left earlier but chose to leave when his moneymaker show he cohosted died. Now he wants this redemption arc because he knows he is not gonna make it by himself anymore in internet politics.

I have a tiny bit of hope that eventually he loses weight, gets a haircut, and make a apology to Ralph and everyone he and Andy slandered over the last 8 months. But i doubt he is going to do that since he found his career in Ralph Derangement syndrome and his next project is probably going to dickride Jim to try to get easy money.

He got afflicted with the Ralph curse and its gonna take him a long time to repair the effects the curse brought on to him.


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