How can he get even more pathetic

I missed when it was fun to troll Jaden into believing obvious bait. Like when FOGG made him say bussy on his livestream and we all laughed at how he managed to take those posts are serious.

Now when i seem him it makes me more disappointed that a guy can fall as bad as he is right now. This guy somehow thought that doing this was some sort of own. 

Yeah this is a new low for him in a already life of L's because he wanted to keep his landwhale of Girlfriend in expense of a guy who was his really his only real friend in his life. 

Of course his fake drip got clowned on.



This nigga is not going to make it. The only real outcome for him at this point is that in the next 20 years we find as some Gay escort in the local gay scene in downtown Chicago. And then dies of Aids and monkeypox for being a faggot.


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