American regime moment


Qatar has made it clear they will not accept the West's gay agenda in their borders or for the world cup. Any gay propaganda is illegal in the country and gay athletes or pride supporters will be banned from Qatar.

This of course angered the American regime who for the last 21 years has been engaging wars for their Israeli masters so that gay butt sex is legalized in the middle east. So they responded to a country that is enforcing their values by making their jerseys gay.

Yep the stars and stripes are now the sodomy colors. America cares more about monkeypox carriers than the fact its native population is being wiped out from minority mobs who are sent out to murder White people.

It will be KEK once the fag team arrives they are just deported for trying to brainwash Qataris with gay propaganda and watch the coping from news anchors and future suicide victims complain about it. It will keep me laughing throughout this November.

Fuck the Antichrist. 


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