Tim Pool gets felted


Ye, Nick, and Milo all headed to the Tim Pool house to do a show of Timcast. 

Tim is a leftist who pretends to be this understanding centrist. He has been doing this charade since he's entire career. And when the show happened things turned out to be excepted from the low iq mulatto that he is. 

First he started by pushing the not all Jews argument and then things fell apart. Ye was trying to go off and this brainlet was seething and coping. Then they all just left the studio since they weren't ever gonna ger their message from him and Tim just spent 2 hours complaining. 

Then he was boasting how he had Jewish employees who go to Israel. Like he actually boasted how he is controlled by Jews.

The KEK part was that he stole his cookies before leaving the house.

Some people are calling this a bad thing. Even though trying to get our beliefs and messages to these people is impossible. They will never get it and when they are confronted by it they either dumb down the conversation or refuse to debate since they know they would lose in the debate.

Its better to let these people seethe than try to talk it out with them. 



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