Greg won a 3rd term


Greg Abbott has won his reelection by a good margin defeating that brainlet Beto O'rouke.

Although I do have problems with him as in him cucking on bussing illegal aliens and the unforgivable act of Uvalde and some other things. At least he is hard on the issue of abortion and at if pressured he does something based unlike most of the governors who are just neocons. 

The Beto Avis who were shilling hard for him on Twitter and TikTok are posting L's that actual human beings didn't want him.

Outsiders can keep posting L's all they want. It doesn't stop Greg from loosing since the results are a done deal with no signs of a shift in Beto's favor. 

Even though Greg isn't my favorite unlike some other politicians I have the optimism his 3rd term will be a massive improvement compared to the last 2 years. 


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