bibi is back

 Yep the guy who Israelis spent 2 years campaigning against because of all the scandals that his cabinet was involved in which resulted in him losing. in is now back in office by a coalition landslide.

Neocon Zionists and Indians are celebrating that the guy who funded ISIS and tried multiple times to trigger WW3 is back as prime minister because he owns the libs and j-woke people.

Yep we have to celebrate the commander in chief of the synagogue of Satan because we got to own the libs. You don't wanna be a cringe liberal who says that Israel is controlling our congress or trying to destroy Islam to create greater Israel do you? A true patriot would surrender his tax dollars to a country that bombs children and arms controlled op "terrorists" so that America would invade their neighbors in the name of the (((war on terror))).

Also Trump has disavowed Bibi at this point since he realized he was being used by him to try to destroy the world.

Fuck Zionists long live J-WOKE trump.


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