David Carlson is anti YE


Ever since this whole thing started I think I knew that the AV niggas would either try to ignore it or be against it since Nick Fuentes is a major figure in this movement for YE24.

Most of the AV people are just flat out not talking about it they're just talking about elections being stolen or how your Boomer grandpa was somehow right at Thanksgiving.

David Carlson has officially disavowed YE24 because somehow we aren't pressuring Trump and were just ruining ourselves or something.

Ignore the fact that right now we are making Trump not disavow Nick no matter how much his handlers and the entire GOP establishment beg him to make an official disavow he still won't do it.

YE24 is something that a inclusive populist group like AV wouldn't endorse. First it would threaten Trump's chances since these people still somehow believe Trump still has Trumpism. 2nd is that being pro Ye is going to give you the same deplatforming treatment as Trump supporters in the last 7 years. And these people aren't gonna give that sweet Youtube money up anytime soon. 

Unless Trump stops this moderate crap. He isn't going to win an election or the primary if Ye runs for the GOP. Inflation, gas prices, hunter, or minority votes isn't going to help us win. You might as well vote for Zion Ron since that is what Trump is being right now. 

Until Trump starts making changes I'm on the YE Train for this election cycle since Ye is promoting a Christian Nationalist agenda.




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