Populist inc is in damage control


The Fake dissidents who are made to subvert actual nationalist movements like AF are in this state of coping that YE24 is an actual threat to their Trump grifting.

Their main tactic to get people to doubt this historic moment is the same way they always do. Claim its a psyop to hurt Donald Trump.

Raheem Kassam has claimed that Kanye and Nick are somehow a Mercer backed operation to destroy Donald Trump.

 This isn't ironic he and his new site national pulse actually are pushing this blatant lie. Styx claimed the whole thing is somehow "fishy".

  For the record I'm not a official never Trumper yet. I still have a tiny amount of faith in him to make amends to Kanye after what happened at the dinner at Mar-a-Lago. I mean he's seeing that YE24 is an actual threat to his reelection chances despite his swamp handlers claiming YE24 isn't going anywhere even though YE got the dissident right on his side. And if he doesn't then so be it I'm on the YE train. 

I mean we all know where that phone call came from that made things turn south. I have no names but high chances its probably this guy.




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