Gab bros vindicated again


When things seem to look bright for Twitter under Elon. It has now crashed into a mountain again. 

Elon has started the process of unsuspending accounts on Twitter. Jordan Peterson, Kathy Griffin, and Babylon bee have been reinstated. But he is not decided to bring back Trump on

Some person replied saying they want Alex Jones unbanned and he said no.

What's strange is that the people he unbanned from Twitter are people the Israel lobby don't have a problem with. Jordan wasn't even suspended he just had a tweet removed by Twitter. But since he went to Israel and cried in front of Jews he can use his account again.

If he doesn't want Alex Jones back high chance he ain't gonna bring back Nick and all the Groypers because they also are on the ADL hitlist. 

The dream is dead we aren't gonna return to Twitter unless we finally submit to Jews. All the Twitter apostates got wrecked because y'all were shitting on Gab for months and now its basically official that he won't unsuspend you.

Long live Gab.


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