Ben Shapiro moment

Safe to say that Jews are terrified of YE24 gaining momentum. They know under a Kanye presidency their shilling and psyops would come to an end as America becomes an actual Christian nation. 

Ben is now officially a anti Kanye supporter after the news came that the guy he keeps avoid debating for over 3 years dined with the president himself along with Kanye and some others.

You know he's secretly seething that his arch nemesis he keeps avoiding because he knows he would be crushed by him in a debate is becoming a leading figure in American conservatism. So now he's making his news company to slander and defame Ye for daring to associate with Nick.

Ye posted a tweet exposing that Desantis paid ben over 100K to slander his opponents. 

Ben posted the usual response is the cope post trying to claim it was all Kanye's fault for being at this point and in no way it was Jews fault at all. 

He also posted a reply where the OP journo accidentally admitting that he and other people were being lobbied to make slander against other candidates. 

He tries to deboonk Kanye's claim by linking a post where the journo openly boasts about how he and others get paid to make baseless slander. 

Fuck vax cuck Ben I'm on the YE train. #YE24


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