The man himself is back on Twitter


Well the thing we have all been waiting for has happened. Trump is back on Twitter despite threats from the ADL that they would retaliate if he did so.

One thing I do have a gripe with his return is that Elon decided to put it up for a Twitter poll. Democracy is gay to begin with and the fact that this poll could had been rigged by bots at any moment. But in the end Yes won by almost 52%.

 One interesting thing that happened after his unbanning was that Elon seems to look like he's turning against the ADL that days before he was a complete for. 

Even though it could be a one off thing and he doesn't change Twitter. If this continues you could see him change his mind on Alex Jones and even unban Nick. 

 Its only a certainty he has saw the error of his ways and on next Freedom Friday he announces Alex Jones is unbanned. 

But hey at least it got the leftists who still haven't invaded mastodon to be big mad that Elon followed on what Twitter voted for and that's to unban Trump. Its like a mini version of their reaction to the 2016 election.

Trump says he won't return, But there's a chance he will since Truth has been a complete dumpsterfire in the last few weeks and he knows it. He only says Truth is doing good is to appease Devin Nunez and the conservative inc investors who spent money on this project to make it happen.


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