Jabbed up cartoonist becomes nevertrumper

 Scott Adams used to be a loyal Trump supporter back in the 2016 election. Until of course he took the jab and booster shots and then cried about how the CDC was actually lying about the jab after attack people who were against it and still are till this day.

Now he has officially left the Trump train after Trump attacked populist inc star Glenn Youngkin.

Idk how people would be siding with him over Trump since Youngkin cucked by giving that apology note to Pelosi because he said mean things to her gay husband. 

I mean this guy was already a lost cause since the whole vaccine fiasco. He just sits on Twitter while complaining about chicoms.

This guy needs to take the L and retire from politics. If he has time left because he took the covid vaccines and then the boosters for those vaccines. 



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