some people will just never get it

 Its been almost 2 years since Christian Nationalism became the leading force in the dissident right that is beginning to be supported in the mainstream. If you been on gab since 2021 you should pretty much understand it in its basic form. While some will just never get the idea at all and pull this prot or secular nonsense. 

This is a main example of somehow who doesn't get the idea at all. He's worried that Christian Nationalism means forced church attendance and muh denominations. Denominations and church attendance is our least concern as of now. America as a whole is facing a moral decay thanks to embracing secularism and we want a government that serves God and not false religions or atheism.

This guy is ngmi. He will never get it and no matter how much we try to make him get it he still won't accept it because of some bullshit mumbo jumbo invented by liberals in the 1800s. 


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