Elon Double's down on not bringing back Alex Jones

 He brought back Trump and now Project veritas. But he still won't budge on even considering on bringing back Alex Jones onto the platform anytime soon.

Conservative inc guy Sam Harris @ Elon about the issue on Alex Jones reinstatement to Twitter and this is his response.

Yeah he won't bring him back because he made a wrong judgement back in 2012. Which means he will never come back according to Elon. 

Kim Dotcom replied to Elon stating that Alex Jones fucked up with Sandy Hook and apologized for it. And also if Trump and Biden who make bad calls time to time are allowed than Alex should be allowed too.

 This is what he got back from this.

For the record I do agree with Elon in that people who use deaths of innocent children for political or clout are horrible people and should be banned or even punished for such actions. The difference between Alex Jones and those people is that Alex has apologized and admitted he fucked up with Sandy Hook. Meanwhile David Hogg made his entire career off his dead classmates. Chelsea Handlers Tweet making fun of the Sutherland Springs shooting victims for being Christian is still up and even till this day she hasn't apologized for it.

I could go on and on but its still the same story. People that make fun of victims of dead kids or people get made fun of and those people will still have their account and never apologize even years later. Alex will never return because he said something that he admitted was wrong. 

Maybe he won't do it since the parents of Sandy Hook will also come after him for letting him back on the public square and expose the truth about the trials to the masses. 

he needs to drop this charade and stick to his promise of making Twitter a free speech site and unbanning all the wrongful people. 




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