The bird will remain caged

I'm thinking that its over for the hope of us returning to Twitter anytime soon. From the looks of it right now Elon has already became a puppet for the ADL and the other cancel culture organizations on Twitter.

 All of those groups are the same people who got everyone who aren't liberals or neocons banned from the platform for bullshit articles and mob intimidation. And he still won't start replatforming until the biased commission is formed.

So he is now compromised and is now a puppet of the ADL. He now fears on what they will do if he reinstates their targets. 

He still won't fire the never Trumper faggot Yoel Roth from the company he will remain in a executive position in the company. Add in the Lebron stuff and its starting to see that Elon has failed in his mission of free speech.

The only way to reverse this is too become a one man dictator and purge any dissident from the company. Until then nothing is going to change about their policies on what you say on the platform. 

Maybe a year from now he reverse all of this and I'm wrong. But right now it isn't looking like he is going down the ADL route. 

I'm gonna be on Gab where its true free speech. Also gab hating is mega cringe.


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