Matt Walsh enters damage control


Matt Walsh is a Desantis shill we all know that. After what happened in the midterms he is now all on for him because his Jewish master says so. 

Well now he is entering Damage control because the Lincoln project is also shilling for Ron and of course it would look bad because its politically incorrect in Con inc to not hate on the Lincoln project.

After this he made an anti-Lincoln project response to this Tweet which is just damage control and probably coping of how much of a goy slave he is.

You can do this all you want but it won't change the fact you are a puppet of a Jew while also being a Christian. After he made this post he then continues to side with Lincoln project by posting Desimp propaganda. 

Fuck Matt Walsh and his Jewish masters. I will forever side with Trump until the day I die nothing you can do will change that.



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