RETVRN moment

The thing that most experts still won't find the answer is how in the world are these wignat neopagans are still around despite 2017 being 5 years ago. It wasn't based back then and it will never be based until the end of time. But it still doesn't stop them from posting L's online and this is no exception.

I still don't get how these people see their demonic gods as somehow defenders of Whiteness. Last time I checked any pantheon of false gods weren't talking about racial purity. Most of the time they were committing the most obscene things imageable or torturing random people for the lolz.

I would sit down and hear any piece of mythological story that proves these false gods were defenders of the White race. High chance that won't happen since every myth source is just evil Christian revisionism.

paganism will always be barbaric. From allowing Homosexuality and Pedophilia. To having 3/4 of the entire continent being trapped in mudhuts paganism has done nothing for Europe. Europeans converting to Christianity lead Europe and the world into a more civilized society. And its only when we bring back the faith into our lives is when we can beat our enemies. 

Meanwhile the neopagans of today will just be busy pushing for tranny operations and BLM. 


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