Ben now believes in great replacement


Remember back in 2019 when Ben was in all out war against any person who remotely believed in the idea that White people are being racially replaced. I mean he said himself he didn't care if America became a brown country. Well now all of a sudden out of nowhere he changed his mind and is now saying that Democrats are in fact replacing White people

Some say its because we are shifting the Overton window which is making people like Ben and other conservative inc people to start pushing these ideas which may be true. But high chance this that they let the problem become so bad that they have to acknowledge that it is happening because after all Immigrants are totally loyal Americans please ignore the reality that immigrants vote for liberal policies.

I doubt he is gonna keep talking about the great replacement or Demographic replacement after this. His Jewish masters are probably threatening him right now because he dared to finally address it. 

Fuck Ben and Con inc. Long live the Groypers 


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