What crossdressing does to a mf

I'm starting to think that all that crossdressing to own the libs is starting to get to our dear friend Steven Crowder. Like every week he pushes more pro gay cringe on his Twitter. 

On his own Twitter he actually posted about how America was the best... At being pro alphabet soup than any other country

The conservative movement ladies and gentlemen. You will get blacklisted and deplatformed for saying that maybe White people should exist. But you will get praised for saying that being pro gay is a good thing. 

After what happened when Charlie Kirk claimed Trump should had gotten credit for legal butt sex in Botswana. And for hosting a faggot soldier who claimed to die for freedom in Iraq. They still won't accept that any kind of homosexuality is wrong and should be countered at any moment. 

But hey we have to sacrifice our core voters so that some faggot in San Francisco would keep liking us.


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