Jordan Peterson wants Twitter to end anonymity

 Since the dawn of social network and online forums the concept of anonymity was created because people aren't conformable to share their real life identity to the web outside of Facebook. This comes either using unique usernames and other things to keep your real life away from your web life.

This somehow doesn't apply to junkie satanist Jordan Peterson who is demanding that Elon end the idea of anonymity and force everyone to give the company their legal documents to create an account.

I totally trust a company like Twitter to handle having my drivers license, passport, or other documents they would require to make an account if Jordan gets his away to be taken with good care. And not be leaked by hackers due to being politically incorrect or the company itself to make money from advertisers. Something that has happened to every other social media platform.

If this happens then Gab will see a giant surge in traffic because shocker no one wants to give these companies their personal information.

Fuck Jordan anonymity 4 life


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