Not looking too good for Britain


The new Census for the UK just dropped and safe to say it's not looking to good for fellow Brits. The White population share of England and Wales has dropped below 75% in the last decade.

Another reveal is that Christianity is now below 50% something that has never happened in England in the 1600+ years. 

Safe to say that England is pretty fucked. Thanks to the uniparty policy in the UK of flooding the country with thousands of migrants from anywhere as long as they show up in flimsy boats. 

The only way for them to stop this is if Nigel gets a say in government and reform UK getting a landslide victory. Which I doubt would happen since the Tory voters are the most cucked out of all European conservatives. They never challenged Covid, Ukraine, and everything Boris, Truss, and now Sunak are doing to their nation and sometimes they celebrate it.

Reform UK can try to compete but their chances are as good as UKIP chances were in 2018. They get a few seats that aren't enough to make a voting bloc. And also they are threated to not peruse their platform or face hate speech charges.

You can White flight to the countryside, but you're just delaying the inevitable since those migrants are going to the countryside once London, Birmingham, and other cities become so violent they have to be relocated to the small towns who never seen a black person in their lives.

I feel for the Brits who are actually trying to stop this and save their nation from becoming a melting pot shithole even if they are going to be arrested for mean tweets.

I lost my faith in my home country long ago since they are never gonna fix any of this. Their only options are to sink or swim. 


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