Montana judge orders the arrest of Andrew Anglin


Its been over 5 years since the lawsuit from that Jewish woman who claimed Anglin's fans were trolling her even though they still haven't shown evidence of harassment or that it came from the Daily Stormer.

The judge ordered this because Anglin still hasn't given a dime of the 14 million he owes to the Jewish woman and her mortgage leeches that sued him.

They are just coping that they still can't find Anglin when he escaped the US like a ninja and is now in hiding where no one can find him. Anglin doesn't owe shit to this woman or her real estate leeches in Montana that also claimed his site was trolling them. 

I wish the best for Anglin wherever he is to continue to spread the true message to the people to make them wake up to what's really going on in the west. 


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