Loomer hates Milo because he is Ye's campaign manager.


Looking back i think platforming Laura Loomer was probably a mistake. All she has done in in the last 6 years was be an embarrassment and a low iq gatekeeper. Right now she is on this crusade against Milo because he accepted being Kanye's campaign manager. Which of course since she's a Trump grifter is big bad.

Oh yeah she's also a anti MTG person since she let McCartney become speaker even though that was pretty much inevitable no matter what. 

Her 2nd telegram post is interesting. First all of these posts are before his contact with Ye and probably out of context. Second is that there is zero evidence throughout Milo's career that he blackmailed anyone. And third Milo has converted and advocates for conversion therapy but this witch still thinks he's secretly gay.

Her being Jewish is the main reason why she is doing this. She knows Kanye won't tolerate her demonic religion and she's trying to sabotage Ye's campaign since Trump is now a compromised Jewish shill any threat to him must be destroyed. 

This whole thing is dumb she needs to ditch talmudism and convert to the real Church. 


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