Elon launching Twitter 2.0

 The Janniecide is continuing after the chief twit has sent a email to the Twitter staff. Which are well know for being such hard workers that they work only 5 hours a week and with 98% of that being useless meetings. Are given an ultimatum of working long hours for this project or leave.

Yep Twitter employees are actually complaining about having to do actual work and not sit on their ass all day banning people because the ADL called them up saying to ban the user for being J-WOKE.

The news of course got all the anti Elon people riled up because Elon is bad or something.

I think their hatred comes from the fact that Twitter 2.0 will probably be like Mastodon in which no one person controls everything. And are just hiding that under muh workers rights. As if making Twitter engineers actually so stuff is worker exploitation but these Journos somehow think that.

Now the final thing he needs to show is if he is actually committed to his free speech vision and unban people that the ADL threated to retaliate if he did so.


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